In Colombia we have access to two seas with 2,900 kilometers of virgin coasts and tropical jungle. In Bahia solano you can enjoy 8 diving spots where you can find rays, moray eels, sharks, schoals and thousands of other species…

Sport Fishing

Bahía solano is one of the most attractive areas for sport fishing in the world, let yourself be seduced by the fish, tuna, wahoo and gold that you find in this place.
The seasons of the Vela and Marlin fish are between April and June.

Chadó River

After 45 minutes of travel, you will arrive at two mouths of the Chadó River, you will be able to walk among the waters of the river, rocks, trails and vegetation zones. A reward awaits you in a natural pool with water to the climate your body needs to cool off! Then enjoy a delicious lunch on the beach that allows you to regain energy to explore the other mouth of this natural paradise.

Ensenada de Utría and Playa Blanca

In the outskirts of Bahia Solano is this Natural Park. It takes 40 minutes by boat to travel 54,300 hectares of incredible landscapes, here you will find one of the most extensive coral reefs, a wooden trail of two kilometers raised in impressive vegetation, fauna and flora.

It has a high biological diversity: sharks, whales, saw wahoo, rays, tuna, snappers, jacks and sometimes needlefish.

Utría inlet is inhabited by native Embera and Afro communities, who despite their differences have created lifestyles and forms of coexistence.

Nabugá Waterfall

Take a 45-minute boat ride and a 15 minute walk on a nature trail in the middle of the jungle with colorful butterflies, exotic frogs and birds to get to paradise. An imposing waterfall of 36 meters high that comes from the jungle and Nabugá beach! A landscape that you can not miss.

Rowing through the Rio Tundó

Take advantage of the full potential of nature with local guides!
sail this river in a rowing canoe and begin the adventure to enjoy landscapes, the tranquility of the waters, the mangrove forests and the different birds that live there. The guide will tell you the stories of this magical place.

Walk to the rivulets of Juná

Here you will find something different, a natural experience that your body will appreciate. A set of small streams in which there are some natural pools of cold water, in the middle of the humid jungle of this place.

Visit to the Emberá Waunan Native Communities

Find the magic of this community that has a large number of Afro-Colombian inhabitants, its history, tradition, culture and lifestyle.

Thermal Baths of Jurubirá

Your body needs relaxation and here you will have at your disposal a natural spa between the beach and the jungle! You can immerse yourself in the hot springs and smear yourself with sulfur mud on your skin. Combine the experience of feeling in a Jacuzzi with a bath in the cold water stream that is next to the hot springs.
Note: you could organize groups of at least 4 people for this tour.

Ecological Walks

One of the most common attractions of Bahía Solano are the walks, because it is surrounded by a tropical forest, a variety of fauna, various streams and waterfalls. Additional ecological walks impact your physical and mental health. Reduces brain fatigue, creating a perfect space to stimulate creativity and the generation of new ideas!

Campfire on the Beach

Close your days with a flourish and share with other tourists and local people a warm night around a campfire Share experiences and learn more about the history of this precious place!